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- The answer is as simple as our application, we provide you with carefully curated information in less than 20 words. Our facts are easy to understand, informative and helpful in the modern world. Verita will not only help you with learning but in the same way you will get amazing daily deals with just one click on Shop Button.

Verita Android App is so simple that if you even spend 5 minutes daily, you get to read 100+ bitesize information, facts & data. Our main goal is to help you with providing amazing human experience & deliver amazing up to date information at your fingertips, thus we have kept Verita ad-free.

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- Technology: AI, Machine Learning, Coding, Computers, Smartphones, New Developments.
- Science: Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Achievements, etc
- Space: Space Travels, Space Facts, Planets, Stars, Big Bang, Bitesize Theories
- Environment: Global Warming, Climate Change, etc
- Business / Startups: Funding, Bitesize Stories, Business facts, Recent Innovations, Stock Markets, Economy, etc
- Travel: Travel Facts & Hacks, Suggestions, Precautions, Immigrations, Countries, Politics & Food
- Internet: Internet Hacks, Weird Facts, Technical Info, etc
- Fashion: Trends, Design Facts, Important Individuals, etc
- Recent Developments
- Humanity
- History

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